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AI-Powered Search, Text Retrieval & Data Analytics

Consider all of the information required to do your job effectively. Every document, email, and image, all of the data from HR, finance, or CRM systems. Now imagine having all of that information in one place, made available by simply asking a question.

Meet TIA, your total information access solution.

Simply ask TIA a question to get the insights you need

Total Information Access (TIA) is an insight engine that uses simple natural language for asking any question from unstructured data, like documents or emails, and structured data like finance, ERP or CRM systems. TIA can return answers as text or data analytics from all your organisational information along with useful external data.

How much time do you spend searching for information?

25% of employee time is spent searching for information. That’s around 500 hours per year.

This isn’t helped by the fact only about a quarter of companies offer employees and customers easy access to the data they most need.*

*The Economist Intelligence Unit Limited 2019


Natural Language Search

Empowers business users of every skill level to explore their data and generate accurate insights using typed or spoken plain language.

Multiple Enterprise Data Sources

Provides access to any data source including files (PDF, Word, Excel, Images), databases, finance and ERP/CRM systems, email, and IoT.

Third Party Data Integration

Enhances your insight and decision making with integration to social media, financial markets, economic statistics, weather and news.

Advanced Predictive Analytics

Generates automatic data visualisations, intuitive machine learning insights of your data and accurate forecasts.

Team Collaboration

Encourages insight sharing and collaboration across the entire organisation, boosting confidence and trust between your teams.

Cloud Hosted

Allows quick and easy deployment across the organisation that ensures security, availability, and reliability.

Some of the standard connectors TIA provides

Along with over 25 database connectors

How to get started

Empower your team to work smarter and faster by having all of your answers in one place.

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