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Fine Wine Delivery

Helping customers choose the perfect drop.


To empower Fine Wine Delivery Customers in selecting a beverage they will truly enjoy - guaranteed.


We designed and developed an application that guides a customer through the beverage selection process. By selecting desired flavours from a “flavour wheel” the customer is then presented with recommendations that reflect their particular style and preferences. We achieve this in real-time by searching over 2,000 tasting notes with natural language processing. 


  • Moved the customer buying decision away from promotions and toward a higher margin personalised recommendation
  • Empowers the customer to better understand their preferences without “technical” wine terminology

“Partnering with outstanding AI developers Spacetime has made Fine Wine Delivery the first beverage retailer in the world to conquer the style dilemma.”

- Jeff Poole, Proprietor, Fine Wine Delivery

Exemplar Global Emma - Digital Human

Exemplar Global

Scaling customer service with a Digital Human.


To dramatically grow Exemplar Global’s customer base and their support capability without increasing the overall cost-to-serve.


We conducted a Design Thinking workshop to understand Exemplar Global’s needs. We then collaborated to create ‘Emma’, a Digital Human using IBM Watson Assistant AI to help auditors navigate the vast number of training and career options provided online by Exemplar Global.


  • Supports 100s of simultaneous customer conversations - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Provides consistent and accurate information
  • Allows very cost effective and truly scalable customer support.

"We wanted to make training and certification more accessible and attractive, especially to new generations of auditors, without adding to the overall cost of using our service. Emma makes it possible for our relatively small organisation to scale up our services hugely using a digital concierge while improving the overall experience for customers as they develop their careers.”

- Andrew Baines, CEO, Exemplar Global

Mercy Radiology Case Study Image

Mercy Radiology

Saving staff time with automated referral processing.


To automate the processing of medical referrals to save staff time and improve process accuracy.


We tailored our Smart Capture solution to identify and extract key fields from referrals. Paired with Robotic Process Automation, referrals are checked against Mercy’s booking system to ensure correctness while allowing staff to focus on providing improved customer service.


  • Improved process accuracy for customer bookings and reporting
  • Allows staff to spend time on more important or complex tasks such as assisting patients
  • Paired with RPA to integrate seamlessly with business systems

"That doctors’ handwriting is notoriously difficult read has become something of a truism, but robotic process automation (RPA) can make short work of even the most indecipherable scrawl. That’s the experience of Mercy Radiology, a network of 13 clinics, where the technology is achieving 98% accuracy rates when processing clinical referrals."

Robots take the guesswork out of doctors’ handwriting at NZ’s Mercy Radiology
- CIO.com

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